The company’s name – iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA – reflects changes in technology and marketplaces…and an ability to evolve to meet new customer needs and wants. Successful companies evolve…their management teams sensing change before it happens…changes in technology, the competitive landscape, the economy, the regulatory environment. Good companies anticipate change…embrace it…and evolve to satisfy new customer needs.

That is exactly what iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA has done time and again for a quarter-century. Early on, iNFOTEL better met emerging customer needs by providing local, more responsive directories than larger, more complacent competitors.

iNFOTEL evolved again when mobile devices changed the way people sought information…giving customers choices of on-line as well as traditional directories. Over time, again sensing change, iNFOTEL discerned trends that made its services more relevant to customers. As local news coverage evaporated, iNFOTEL knew people still want local news and information on a timely basis.

iNFOnews met that need, providing coverage of local news and events from Penticton and Kelowna to Vernon and Kamloops and scores of smaller towns and communities in between.

iNFOTEL realized its online and directory customers in these markets would benefit from advertising on a steady and reliable local news site. iNFOnews delivers up to 2.5 million page views a month.

Today, hundreds of Thompson-Okanagan businesses have websites designed, developed and operated by iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA. As a full-service media company, our team of nearly 60 professionals consults with local businesses to help them succeed on line and in store.

Our understanding and appreciation of the challenges local businesses face led to innovations…like financing websites so that businesses can be up and running on line from day one…driving sales without breaking the budget.

We have a team of experts second to none…professionals who know SEM (Search Engine Marketing) so well we are a Google Certified Partner. Our expertise extends to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as well, with many of our sites achieving a perfect 100 score on the SEO rating.

We offer businesses targeted marketing opportunities…like iNwine, iN420, and iNhome…and we plan to add more.

Our expertise extends to social media – where we have over 100,000 followers – but more importantly, we help our customers find hundreds of thousands of followers…people who buy their products and services.

The Social Media Advertising we provide our customers reflect today’s new reality…FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Snap Chat, among others, are the platforms of business. We create content and post information, photos and videos for our customers…so they can better reach their customers.

The company’s name – iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA – reflects changes in technology and marketplaces…and an ability to evolve and always meet new customer needs and wants.

Let’s work together!