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When you place your online ad with iNFOnews you expose your business to millions of page views per month.



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Users Per Month

Page Views/Month

  • Returning Visitors 54.1% 54.1%
  • Mobile Visitors to Site 77.04% 77.04%
  • Desktop Visitors to Site 11.66% 11.66%
  • Tablet Visitors to Site 11.3% 11.3%
  • Female 65.1% 65.1%
  • Male 34.9% 34.9%

Have you created enough brand awareness in your community?

Online ads improve the visibility of your brand, products and services. Beyond visibility, they help you adapt and evolve your business parallel to new technologies. Building trust through branding and keeping pace with generational buying trends, is the new foundation for successful business. Ask your sales rep how you can improve your profit margins, build branding and connect with consumers with online ads on

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Top 10 Reasons for Buying Online Advertising

Consumers can find your business

You can have the most fantastic business on the planet, but if consumers don’t know you exist, or can’t find you, your business is dead in the water. Creating awareness to connect supply with demand is a function of online advertising. One of the principal ways consumers find products and services, is through search engines in local directories. When you place your online ads with us, your business is found by consumers throughout the entire Thompson-Okanagan region and beyond.

consumers can find your business
creative control

Creative Control

Your business is a reflection of you, and even though you may recruit advice from time to time, you know who you are and where you and your business are going. You have goals, and you have a mission. With online ads, you can creatively personalize your graphics to meet those goals. And with us, nothing goes into print until you approve the final design.

Feedback from online ad placements

Efficient target marketing is the act of streamlining your online ads directly to your designated target. With online advertising, you can track the results of your ads to understand your customers and streamline the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Understanding your target market means you only spend money on advertising where there is definite interest.

feedback from online ad placements
Capture sales through remarketing

Capture sales through remarketing

Your customers may not click your banner ad the first time they see it, but with remarketing, the second or third time they see your logo or read your slogan, you remind them that you have a solution to their problem or the product they need. Online ads are your great reminder leading to more clicks and consumer sales.

Online ads boost SEO

Don’t discount the power of targeted, paid advertising for commercial purposes. Online advertising boosts search engine optimization (SEO) through the use of relevant keywords and a link to your keyword rich website content. We research the most relevant keywords for you to invest in so none of your advertising budget is wasted. With this boost in SEO, more customers will find your website.

online ads boost seo
establish accurate web presence

You can establish an accurate web presence

We help you establish an accurate web presence through our network links and your business details such as address and contact numbers. An accurate web presence is important to meet Google’s specifications on listing accuracy and keyword content.

Online advertising is cost effective

Online ads cost less than traditional advertising. Small businesses with limited resources can benefit by reaching millions of internet users and entrepreneurs can now advertise to a broader audience because of the rise in our online readership.

cost effective
gain trust

Design a professional image and gain trust

Online ads place small and new businesses on the same playing field as large established businesses who enjoy mature branding and customer loyalty. Our experienced artists can design your ad to develop your professional image and gain the trust of your customers.

Online ads complete your branding strategy

Combined with other forms of advertising such as radio, online display advertising completes your branding strategy. Given the potential for online readership, you can now fully develop your company’s image and products by tapping into the internet’s enormous market.

online marketing


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When you place your online ad with iNFOnews you expose your business to millions of page views per month.

Up to 2.5 million page views per month

Homepage Banners

* Ask about our monthly specials. Evergreen Pricing, minimum 4 month subscription.


Be found in the right category! With Category Banners you can target your banner ad in the category of interest. An animated banner can encourage people to click.

We will produce a banner with:
» Your logo
» Call to action
» 3 slides with vibrant colours and images
» Direct message

* Evergreen Pricing, minimum 4 month subscription

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