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The importance of listing your business with us cannot be overstated. With over five million local business searches per year, iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA connects your customers directly to you through targeted advertising. Being found by your customers is the first step to great business.

5 million searches per year

1/2 million searches per year

We produce unique news items for each Thompson-Okanagan region. This local-interest content attracts readers and when online, they search for your products and services. Once your customers find you, they access your contact information and website where purchases are made.

Live website links and location maps

Live website links and location maps

When you list in our business search directory, your live website link connects your customers to you with a simple click. Location maps direct mobile users to your brick-and-mortar door and are an absolute essential for local business networking.

Optimized for Google

Optimized for Google

Keywords imbedded into your ad and website content are specific words and phrases linked to your branding, and when combined with Google keywords, they become a powerful tool to build your business profile in the community. The final result is immediate traffic to your website.


Receive Detailed Analytics

If you want to review the performance of your ad or website links, we provide detailed information for you, including how many times your links were clicked and where those interactions are coming from. Detailed analytics give you confidence that your ads create results.

Print and online directory rates

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Exposure on the region’s premier business directory

When you place your online ad with iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA, you expose your business to a platform experiencing 5 million business searches per year. With live web links, maps and local news, we help you develop your local online presence and profit from this exposure.

Below is the iNsearch Business Directory page where you can search directories and that consists the Featured Business Spotlights and Sponsored Content as well as grouped by Categories:

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Below are the results of a search from the site:

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Locally Targeted

Efficient target marketing is the act of streamlining your online ads directly to your designated target. With online advertising, you can track the results of your ads to understand your customers and streamline the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Understanding your target market means you only spend money on advertising where there is definite interest.


Buy a business listing with iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA is a smart investment. You’ll be found online and profit from the added exposure.

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