Credit Card Terms & Conditions

  1. I (we) hereby authorize iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA a division of Endymion Holdings Ltd to charge my (our) credit card account on file as follows:
    • a. I understand the schedule as outlined and agree that, should my payments be declined for more than 3 days my account will be charged a $25 Dishonoured Payment Fee.
    • b. I agree that if at any time my (our) account is past due iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA may at its discretion, and with written notice to me, cancel these payment terms, and begin collecting on the remaining balance owing.
    • c. I (we) warrant that the person(s) required to sign this agreement have signed this agreement.
  2. I (we) acknowledge that, in order to revoke this authorization, I (we) must provide and deliver written notice of revocation to Endymion Holdings Ltd. This authorization may be cancelled at any time by me (us).
  3. My (our) authorization applies only to the method of payment and does not have any bearing on the contract for goods & services exchanged.
  4. I (we) acknowledge that, should we revoke this authorization, I (we) are required to provide an alternate method of payment for any ongoing payments or the balance due.
  5. I (we) undertake to inform Endymion Holdings Ltd, in writing, of any change in the account information provided in this authorization prior to the next payment date.