Website Case Study

Sun n’ Sup

Case Study - Sun N Sup

The Concept

Sun & Sup is a stand-up paddleboard and beachwear shop located in Naramata, BC. Their spectacular 20-page website would convince anyone to try paddle boarding in Naramata on beautiful Okanagan Lake!

Case Study - Sun N Sup - The Concept
case study - sun-n-sup - strategy

The Strategy

They were looking for a website to promote the many products they sell, and drive business in rentals and lessons for the South Okanagan.

The Result

Their product catalog is extensive and provides detailed information about the wide range of boards and accessories they sell. They were looking for a digital agency who would remain available after site launch for frequent price changes on their site through their busy summer season.

They complemented this website with strategic Google Ad investments to bring even more customers in the door. Video and Facebook feeds bring even more visitors to their website. Looking forward to those hot and lazy days on the lake in 2020!

Case Study - Sun N Sup - The Result