Small businesses are the heart of the Okanagan and in the midst of the challenging COVID19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we are seeing these local staples struggle. Restaurants, bars, boutiques, nail salons – businesses in every industry are facing lower traffic and financial stress. With increasing restrictions both provincially and federally, and increased calls for self-quarantine and social distancing this crisis is becoming incredibly frustrating to customers, employees, and business owners alike.
While the news may seem grim and there are certain restrictions that must be abided to, people are resilient and there are steps that we can take to protect our own health while providing continued support to the local businesses we know and love. Together we can get them through this stressful and troubling time.

  1. Support local restaurants
    • Many restaurants have had to lay off staff or reduce hours in order to stay open and meet legal requirements but a way that we can support these eateries in the interim would be ordering take-out and delivery when available. In addition, purchase gift cards from these local restaurants to be used at a later date, these make fabulous gifts for friends and loved ones and they can provide a source of income while they are limited in how many people they can serve or how they can serve them.
  1. Interact with them
    • The people who own and work at these small businesses are our friends and family – reaching out to show you care can be extremely beneficial to their moral. This is a step that you can take at any time of day and from the comfort of your own home! Leave a review or interact with them on social media, just let them know that you support them and are here for the long haul. If possible perhaps even book a reservation or appointment for the future to reiterate you will be back once they reopen.
  1. Purchase goods from local stores and grocers
    • Whether you stop by a brick and mortar location or opt for online options – try and shop locally. Money spent in the community is more likely to stay in the community. Here are just a few reason it is a great idea to shop local (COVID19 or not)
      • Shorter lines and less people
      • More job creation
      • Unique and personalized experiences
      • Sense of community
      • Reduced impact of the local and global environment

It is our job at iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA to serve local businesses by providing the most effective, cost-efficient marketing and support for business and they hold a special place in our hearts. Together as individuals, agencies, and communities we can band together to protect the businesses that make the Okanagan unique and get through this pandemic together. Stay safe.