Facebook ads, we see them every day! Sometimes we notice them and sometimes we don’t. Some catch our attention and some we scroll past without a second look. There are a number of different styles of Facebook ads, and they can be used to highlight or prioritize different objectives. But what makes one style different from the other? What makes one style more effective than the other? Let’s talk about it.

Static Image Ads

The most commonplace ad is a single, static image. While these ads can be incredibly effective, they can also be missed frequently as they can be boring, too simple, or simply don’t offer anything worth stopping for. It is important to remember that not all Facebook ads are created equal! Some ad styles blend into your Facebook feed while others are designed to catch your attention.

Dynamic Features of Facebook Ads

These ads are designed to catch your attention with their dynamic features and provide a different user experience. Video and carousel ads are two of the more exciting options available when creating a Facebook marketing campaign. Not only do they allow for movement both in visuals and functionality, but the ad styles allow more creativity with how the ads look. Let’s talk about the differences between these two popular ad types and see which would work the best for your objectives and goals!

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Video Ads

Video ads are becoming more and more common, and for many in the industry, are now becoming the standard choice when creating ads online. While ads with a photo are still quite common, they are seen as static and even boring. Leaning towards a video ad provides the opportunity for more meaningful branding with the same functionality. Not only can you include bright visuals that catch the eye of your preferred consumer, but you can also include music, voiceovers, subtitles, and other key branding features that help you stand out. Video ads should be short and sweet, with 15 to 30 seconds being the ideal length. Video ads work best when they are effective with or without sound and move beyond a simple slideshow! Have some fun, get creative, and show off your company’s personality!

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are an ideal ad type if you are looking to promote multiple locations from your website in one place. Some of the most common uses for this style of ad would be product launches, showing off your menu, and event or accommodation promotion. These ads are best for businesses that are promoting multiple URLs. Carousel ads allow for between 3 to 10 frames per ad and each can have their own URL, visuals, and headline. It’s like having multiple ads for the price of one! The scrolling functionality provides movement and a relaxed flow that is user-friendly. A perk of carousel ads is that you can use a combination of video and photos in your carousel ads, providing a lot of flexibility in your ads.


While these are two of the most dynamic ad types, there are plenty of other options to choose from. Looking to start, expand, or refine your online presence with Facebook ads? Contact our Social Media experts today and we can discuss which options would be best for your wants and needs. Don’t delay, start seeing results immediately. Give us a call!