We’re really big believers in building reputable backlinks here.
And we’re not the only ones. Online marketers across the globe recognize the absolute importance of building strong backlinks into their SEO strategy.
Backlinks DO boost your SEO- organically, and for the long run.
Did you know that the average web page that lands in the top 10 spot on the SERP has one (great) backlink on a site with a page authority domain score of at least 54?
Don’t worry- if these are new terms to you, we cover them all.

What Are Backlinks?

You can consider backlinks to be anchors to your site that stem from other online sources.
They’re basically mentions of your site (in link form) that come from external sources- whether it be from mentions within a blog, YouTube content, social media or online directories.
They differ from internal linking, where you use links within your own website to direct visitors to other areas of your site. Backlinks are sometimes referred to as “online citations”- but they must come from an external source. They act as a vote of confidence from other online sources, both to web visitors and search engines. They also help increase referral traffic (and who doesn’t want extra traffic to their site?)
Backlinks are typically clickable hyperlinks, but can also exist in social stacking and image tags.
The kicker about backlinks? They work wonders for strong SEO practices, but they do have a dark side.
Reputable, strong backlinks are harder to get than you think- and the easy alternatives will land your site onto Google’s naughty list really quickly.

No, No, No- Do Not Pay For Backlinks!

Too often than not, we see valued clients come to us from previous marketing strategies that rely quite heavily on paid backlinks.
There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of companies out there that promise a set number of backlinks to your site for a flat or monthly fee.
It sounds so easy that you may be thinking- why on earth would I not invest in backlinks to boost my SERP ranking?
Well, because just like keyword stuffing, paid backlinks are spammy, irrelevant links that Google is just way too smart to ignore.
Because genuine backlinks indicate transparency and are a vouch of confidence for search engines that you are real, true and your content is valuable. It’s your online reference to Google and other search engines.
Google reads real backlinks, and will adjust your SERP ranking accordingly. The more they recognize your site as real and relevant, the higher up the SERP you will climb.
Google also reads spammy backlinks and will also adjust your SERP ranking, but not for the better. Depending on the source and quantity of bad backlinks, you may see your site shoot right down the SERP listings- or they may actually flag your site and you’ll land in online jail.

Build Backlinks Through Reputable, Strong Online Sources

Backlinks are essential to SEO and should be a nurtured part of your SEO strategy.
Just make sure you build them the right way.
Because we believe in backlinks so strongly here at Infotel Multimedia, we integrate backlinks into our services provided for our valued clients.

Reputable Online Directories Are A Great Backlink Source (h4)

Earlier we mentioned that the top ranking sites have at least one backlink, which doesn’t seem like a whole lot, right?
Well, the number of backlinks is only half the battle. The domain authority score of the source is just as important.
(Domain authority score: Ranging from 1-100, this score predicts how well a website will rank on the SERP. It’s built on site age, relevancy and content quality that our favorite little Google bots determine when they crawl your site. The higher the score, the higher you are on the SERP.)
As well as having a minimum of one backlink, top ranking sites receive backlinks from sources with a domain authority score of a least 54. That’s absolute minimum.
Our online directories have been useful sources of information for Okanagan communities for years, and remain highly relevant and of high quality for search engines. In other words, Google sees our online directories (and news sites) as strong referral sources for third party websites and content.
Our page authority? 66.
So, how great is it that we provide one backlink to our clients within our directories?
Not only do we build beautifully optimized websites, profitable PPC strategies and social media management, we provide you with a rock-solid backlink to help immediately boost your long term SERP ranking.
And what about that extra traffic, eh?