Blogging For Fun

Are you thinking of starting a blog for fun or profit? The art of blogging is alive and well and continues to trend for farm-to-table restaurants and home cooks sharing their fav recipes. If you like sharing recipes, open an account with Pinterest – a great social media platform to add to your portfolio for additional target marketing. Behind-the-scenes and educational tutorials are uber-popular on blogs, especially when they contain useful or humorous content. Normally, authors can keep their blogs active, adding new and original content weekly if they follow their passion. Love gardening? Write a gardening blog. If you don’t mind earning some profit, opt-in to advertise for gardening tools and books.
Popular Topics:

  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Travel Blogs (too much fun!)
  • Crafts – How to Make Stuff
  • Fashion
  • Health and Wellness

Blogging for Profit

Popular blogs that create income include every topic under the sun (or moon if you are an amateur astronomer). All you need to do is open a Google and Bing Webmasters account to utilize their tools and services. These accounts are free and easy to set up so you can be sure that your content is indexed properly and viewers can find you. The analytics you read from your webmaster accounts can be invaluable for site improvement and defining advertising objectives. Here’s where you control or opt-in to specific advertising categories.
Google Webmasters (
Bing Webmaster Tools (

Video Content for Blogs

Start with a descriptive video title that catches the eye of the beholder. This title is also your SEO clue so viewers looking for your subject matter can find you. Be sure your title matches your content to avoid disappointment. Transcribing and adding a text script is essential for additional SEO keywords that help search engine bots find you. You can shoot video that is blog appropriate with your cell phone or SLR camera. These short videos are shot on-the-fly and can catch rare candid moments for your readers, like kittens playing or the Ogopogo swimming by.
Can we help? We build user-friendly blogs ready for creative content, set up and ready to go with social media accounts. If you want to build your own online enterprise – fantastic! Send us your blog link so we can give you a thumb’s up on YouTube or check out your Pinterest Pins.
Until next week, happy blogging!
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