Last week, we talked about building landing pages for your Google Ad Words campaigns.

But what if you’re not quite ready to build a bunch of landing pages for your online ads?

We get it. While specific landing pages for your ad groups should be something to work towards, starting off your Google Ad Words campaigns with a well built website can help start to propel your PPC efforts.

With that being said though, your website has to be strong. The biggest driver of your campaigns quality score, your website should be built with the structure of your Google Ad Words campaign & ad groups in mind.

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Your Website Supports Your Quality Score

A great quality score drives us nuts (in a good way.) We harp on about quality score a lot in our blog posts, but it’s because it’s a huge driver in the success of your Google Ad Words campaigns.

Quick little reminder:

Quality Score = Ad Relevance + Click-thru-Rate + Landing Page Experience

Also, remember- “landing page” speaks to the web page the ads land on. While it can be a seperately built landing page, it can also just be page of your website. If your website isn’t up to par, Google will drop your quality score and you will pay more to get your ads shown less.

Boo to that!

Tips on How to Build Your Website

The Google bot that decides whether your web page suits the ad is, at the end of the day, just a bot. It looks for a predetermined set of criteria that tells it whether to score you highly or not.

SEO Basics

Your website developer should build your website with a strong, technical framework. If your site is missing an H2 heading, that’s bad news. There are dozens of things that your website needs to be successfully optimized for search engine placement and Google Ad Words.


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Seperate Your Content

Little Google bot wants to see that your webpage talks about what your ad is advertising. Sounds simple, right? Lets look at an example.

*You decide to start running ads for your new bakery. Your best sellers are custom cakes and cupcakes, so you want to run ads for both of these products.

If you used the same webpage for your custom cake ad group, and your cupcake ad group, you do run the risk of confusing the bot by promoting multiple services on one page. Are you advertising for custom cakes? Or, are you advertising for custom cupcakes? While it might be obvious to a reader, it isn’t so obvious to a bot.

Seperate your web content into each, individual service and product you offer. Not only will this satisfy Google Ad Words, it will also improve your user experience overall.

Your Website Supports Your Google Ads

While landing pages are the best way to actively support Google Ad Word campaigns, a well developed website can also do the trick. Even if you are not running Google Ad Words at the moment, structuring your website around the platform is a great idea for SEO and web user experience.