Why High Quality Images Are Important for Business

First impressions really do count when it comes to website building. Quality images create the best user experience possible as you introduce your business to the online world. Your customers will connect the quality of your photos with your level of professionalism. In other words, a great image will sell your product.
High quality typically means at least 1500 x 1000-pixel size and 100 resolution for optimized web viewing.

Where can I find high quality images?

Product manufacturers often provide media packages of copyright free photos for you to use for site building. If this is not an option, try one of these:

Option #1: Take the photos yourself.

It is possible to shoot high quality product photos with your cell phone by using a tripod under appropriate lighting. Your photos need to be in focus unless there is a specific reason why blurring is part of your branding. Remember that your customers may be looking at your website on a PC or laptop with a larger surface than your mobile device, so take the highest resolution possible. Don’t worry about high resolution slowing your site load-time, because pics are easily optimized by our designers before upload. Filters give your photos that extra funky/artistic look, but with all these toys available, don’t lose the point of product photography. Customers want to see clearly what you have to offer.
hand holding cell phone taking pics of herbs and lemon with light blue background
One of the most common mistakes made in photography, is a cluttered background. Free software like Photoshop Express or Canva can erase the background, leaving you with a clean, attractive image.
If you are sending your own photos to us, they need to be attached (not embedded) into an email as a .jpg or .png. Dropbox is another option for larger file sizes or if you want to send loads of photos for your gallery page.
Ideally, you should send us a selection of photos for our amazing designers to work with. Orientation needs to be horizontal for galleries in your grid template. When photos are high quality, they can be cropped for composition and scale. When placing photos on your website, we optimize them for appearance and page-load speed.

Option #2: Stock Photography Sites

Check out iStock, Shutterstock or Adobe Stock if you want to buy professional photos and images. Costs range from $10.00 to $50.00 per image and up, depending on the plan you purchase.
If you are working with us to design your site, we provide high quality stock photos at no extra charge, and many times, stock photos are definitely the best choice. Have a look through Adobe Stock, then choose your favorite images.

Option #3: Hire our Photography Services

You don’t have time to take your own photos or spend hours cruising through stock photo sites? We offer professional photography services. One of our photographers will visit your place of business, or work site if you prefer outdoor shots of construction projects or (for example) landscaping services.
male photographer sitting in front of two computers working with camera and software
If you don’t have time to take or send in your own photographs, we won’t let that stop you from having a phenomenal site. An added benefit of unique professional photographs, is that they can be used for other marketing material like brochures, ads and posters.
InfoTel Multimedia sets the standard for excellence in the web publishing industry by providing unique services tailored for local business success, including professional photography. We are proud of our local business community and entrepreneurs of the Thompson-Okanagan. We can help you build your business, and invite you to give us a call.