In our last ‘Facebook-centric’ blog we discussed all of the different types of campaign ad objectives and ad types available to you. Now let us discuss the different formats of Facebook ads you can utilize and how they can be used best!
You can use many of these formats regardless of which campaign or ad type you have chosen. There are certain ads that cannot support all formats but, in most cases, you have the option to experiment with each ad format.
Join us as we dive into the different formats and discuss the benefits of each. I have even included a few examples from my own Facebook feed!
A single image or slideshow in a Facebook ad is a simple way of showing off your logo, branding, or products. Many people opt for stock photos in these ads but company photos direct from you have a better effect. These single image ads are great if you want to show off your storefront or if you have a deal that you want to promote! Images convey a message more quickly in a world with millions of competing ads.
Video ads are the same structurally as Image ads except they offer a video instead of static images. Adding video to your ads is a dynamic way to reach customers without a lot of text. Recently the trend is to add subtitles to video as videos are more likely to be viewed without sound.
These ads provide the option to show up to 10 images at once (with the option to include 10 different URLs in one ad)! This allows you to promote several products or services and even different pages on your website.  This ad can also be designed to allow the viewer to engage more by swiping or clicking through the slides.
Instant Experience
Less popular then the first three ad types, this type provides “a full-screen experience that opens after someone taps your ad on a mobile device.” (Facebook, 2020)
These ads give the option to use photos, video, and carousel ads all at once! If you have a story to tell… this is the way to do it! Here is an example of the ads in action!

The last ad format Facebook currently has available to you is the ‘collection’ format. Similar to the ‘Instant Experience’ “your customers can discover, browse and purchase products from their phones in a visual and immersive way.” (Facebook, 2020)

Different ads work better in different industries and for different demographics – but the options are truly endless. Give the team at iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA a call and let us create a custom Facebook Ad Campaign designed to best achieve your business goals!