When people advertise online clicks and conversions are often top of mind. These are tangible and easy to understand metrics that provide proof people are interested in your company or brand but clicks and conversions are not everything.
Brand recognition and awareness are often overlooked and underrated goals, especially for smaller companies. Businesses often do not see the value in metrics such as reach, impressions, followers on social media, etc. While these metrics are harder to connect with purchases made or actions taken, they should not be overlooked.
People trust brands and businesses they know. If they know your name and reputation, they are more likely to turn to you, whether you are a local eatery or a large construction company. If they do not know anything about you and your brand, they will not give you a second look no matter how efficient your website is or how stunning your ads are.
The top brands in the world have taken brand recognition and awareness to the next level. Examples of this are brands whose names are synonymous with the product they produce (ie: Kleenex, Jacuzzi, Coke, ChapStick, Q-Tips, and so many more). This is the epitome of brand awareness. Creating this level of awareness can take millions of dollars and years to accomplish but the idea behind it stands.
Now how can you learn from these top global brands and apply their techniques to your own business? Here are five steps that you can take to increase your brand recognition and awareness.

  1. Consistency in your branding
    You know you best. Everything from your brand colours, logo, slogans, taglines etc. show your current and potential customers who you are and begin to create an association with your brand (Think of brands like McDonald’s, Google, Starbucks). Stay consistent across your website, social media, print material… everything.
  1. Organic Social Media Presence
    Choose which social media platforms are best for you and make sure you are on them. Post consistently and engage with businesses in your community and industry. Support community events and local causes. A share or a retweet can go a long way!
  1. Paid Social Media Presence
    Get in front of your desired customer! Using the social media platform of your choice push your name in front of your ideal client and the people in your community. Focus on the people who are most likely to relate to the products and services you provide.
  1. SEM Advertising
    Ensure that you are seen on the top search engines. Not only with this help, you reach more followers, but it will help you crawl up the search results making you more relevant and appear more legitimate.
  1. Blogging
    Talk about yourself, your and services products, your company and more… show off what you do best! Providing valuable tips and tricks, educating consumers on company history, and humanizing your company and brand not only creates content for your website and social media but allows easy-to-share material for your followers and customers to spread around on your behalf.

Brand awareness and recognition is a crucial aspect of the success of your company, and the steps you can take are simple… but they are time-consuming – that is where the team at iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA come in! Allow our experts to handle the task of brand awareness for you whether if you need help with social media or search engine marketing we have the solution for you. Contact us today!