Websites Need Maintenance!

Current website content is absolutely vital for Google SEO. In other words, old content fades away in search engine land, leaving the path clear for your competitors. Now that you have your website built, you can just sit back and watch the orders file in, right? Well, not exactly. Having a website in today’s online world is necessary, but websites need maintenance like all shops, stores and galleries. Once in awhile we need to sweep the cobwebs out of the corners and apply a coat of fresh paint.

Free Stuff

Why is it important to keep your website content up to date? Replacing old graphics for updated or new products will replenish the look of your site and build consumer confidence. You can find stock images for your blogs and website banners on sites like Pixabay, Stock Snap and ISO Republic.
If it’s copy writing encouragement and training you need, there are some great courses on Lynda and YouTube. Lynda courses showcase top professionals in their field, and comes as a free subscription compliments of your public library.
When your business experiences significant change, like relocation, make sure that information is updated in your site content, including your blogs and social media accounts. When we think about building customer friendships, we think about profit. That’s the bottom line. We are in business to make a living and that’s not a bad thing. Customer retention though, means communicating effectively, and communication involves keeping your blogs and content up to date. If you want information on e-commerce, retail trends, or anything else about the world-wide web, drop us a note on Facebook and we will try our best to answer your questions with a new blog.