If there is a way to increase the success of a Google Ad Words campaign, we are all over it – like white on rice.
(Is that phrase still cool with the kids?)
Whether that be increasing our clients click-thru-rates, conversion rates or quality score, we get pretty excited when Google comes up with things to actually assist us in doing that. Imagine our excitement when Google introduced Responsive Search Ads- a game changer in boosting your entire account performance simply by ad copy and framework.

What are Responsive Search Ads?

Responsive Search Ads give you waaaaay more room to actively address your target market by exactly what search engine users are looking for.

Traditional Google Ads – Search Ads- give you a chance to use a max of three headlines and two descriptions. While you can certainly grab your key terms in Search Ads, these ads won’t ever be 100% accurate in suiting every need of the search engine user at a given time.

Introducing Responsive Search Ads. This ad format allows you to write up to 15 headlines (giving you way more opportunity to use all of your star keyterms) and 4 different descriptions.

Then Google does this crazy and wonderful thing- it tests different combo’s of both the headlines and descriptions together to see which ad is best responded to. The combo of headlines and descriptions will change depending on what keyword a search engine user searches for, whether they are on mobile or desktop etc.In other words, you’re given way more of a chance to match your ads with the exact search term someone is using- also giving way more opportunity for them to immediately click on your ad. You’re giving them exactly what they are looking for!

Did you know? Google can arrange 43,680 permutations based on a fully optimized responsive search ad of 15 headlines and 4 descriptions.

What Do Responsive Ads Look Like?

Responsive Search Ads are easy to build and navigate. They basically look like traditional Search Ads, just with more padding. Follow the same steps you would to build a traditional Search Ad, just hit the Responsive Search Ad option instead!

how to build responsive search ads

Should I Switch to Responsive Search Ads?

It wouldn’t hurt you in anyway to switch over to Responsive Search Ads- in due time. These ads are relatively new however, so we suggest keeping at least traditional Search Ad to keep your ad groups performing at their best. Test your new Responsive Search Ads against your determined KPI’s and keep your best performing traditional Search Ads to keep killin’ it in the PPC world.

And as always- we are here to help.

Need help building a responsive search ad?

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