Our content collector will be working with you step by step from concept to completion on your website ensuring we exceed your expectations. There’s a process we follow to make sure everything is in order as we build a client’s new site, and here it is;

  1. We receive your website order/contract.
  2. Our content collector phones you for an interview to gather information.
  3. You send in your content – photographs, images, logo and copywriting.
  4. Your approved content is sent to one of our website developers.
  5. Your website preview link is emailed to you.
  6. You send us any revisions you may need or give us the go-ahead to launch.
  7. We launch your new website.
  8. You can still make changes and revisions to your site.
  9. Your site is checked for accuracy, including internal links, emails and contact form.
  10. Congratulations! Enjoy your new website.

RECAP (with more details)

1. We receive the website order/contract.
2. Our content collector will phone you for an interview. During the interview process we collect all the information that we can about your business, including your domain information, what the business is about, key features or unique to industry info, the products or services you offer, logo information, design preferences such as branding colours, logo and examples of websites you may like to pattern your new site after. Your cooperation and participation in your website project are critical. You must communicate and engage with us in order for your website project to be successful.
A Note About Domain Names – What We Need From You
If you already own your domain, where it is registered? We will need access because we need to change the nameservers once the site is approved to go live.
If you do not have a domain name, what domain do you want – according to availability.
If you already own your own domain, you may choose to transfer your domain to InfoTel Multimedia. The benefits of transferring your domain name to us include we will handle your annual registration renewal and all required DNS updates to keep your website up and visible on the internet.
3. Send in your photographs, logo or other graphic art and copywriting for your site. You have the option of using high-quality stock images for no extra charge. If you supply your own product photographs, please make sure they are high quality .jpg, typically at least 1500 x 1000-pixel size. We offer professional videography and graphic art services if you need help creating content. We also offer several copywriting packages. Try for 250+ words for every page, written with appropriate keywords for search engine optimization.
4. Once we have all your content collected, we move forward by sending the project to one of our talented website developers. The design process usually takes four weeks to complete, depending on the package you purchased and whether or not you have sent us your content. For example, if you decide to revise your logo, we will be waiting for you to send in that image.
5. The developers have now built your site, and a link to your website preview will be emailed to you. Just click the link and take a look at your new website!
6. Now you can let us know what you want to be changed, from color combinations to the font style. Remember at this point, your website is not visible, so you can make the changes you need. (Depending on what website package you purchased, you also get free hours of technical support throughout the year in case you need updates to your site). Just email us your changes and once the site has been changed, please let us know you are ready to have your site published to the world.
7. Once you have approved your site, we can publish it live! There may be a few hours delay from your launch approval until you see your site come up in a Google or Bing list.
8. Please note that even after your website goes live, we are still able to make changes to content and design. Depending on which website package you purchased, you are entitled to free hours of tech support; we welcome your emails as we want your website to reflect any changes in your business.
9. Once live, we check to ensure your email is working properly through the email links and/or contact form on your site. It is highly recommended you work through your site, checking all the internal links and your contact form for functionality. We are very excited to offer the new hosted email service running on Microsoft Office365 servers – please ask your Infotel account executive for more information or give us a call. We would love to talk with you to define your email strategy.
10. Enjoy your new website! Congratulations on bringing your vision to life.
Our web clients also receive a free iNFOnews.ca listing in our infotel.ca directory. With over five million local business searches per year, InfoTel connects you directly to your customers through targeted advertising.

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