One of the best things about marketing on Facebook, both through Facebook ads and boosted posts is the ability to target the people that you want to connect with most. Facebook has integrated detailed targeting features to ensure that the money you spend is only spent on the people most likely to interact with your business or those who you want to reach!

How does it work?

When a Facebook ad is created you are given a number of options for targeting including location, age, gender.  These are the most basic indicators but don’t discount them. By effectively utilizing these filters you can cut your audience down right off that bat and can ensure that your business is not advertising to people hours away who will never walk through your doors.
Some details like gender and age are provided by the user and some details like location are provided by both the user and Facebook (if you have allowed Facebook to access your location information on the mobile app.) As they are mostly user-inputted there is a 100% guarantee that the information is authentic or current but it gives advertisers (like you) a good starting roadmap.

How detailed can you get?

Once you have selected the basic filters you can either stop there or we can start getting creative! Another useful set of filters Facebook offers is interests and behaviour. Now anyone who uses Facebook regularly is constantly giving Facebook a source for all kinds of helpful information.
Every time you like, save or otherwise interact with something on Facebook you are expressing an interest in that thing. From sports, teams, musicians, to books and events everything you do on Facebook helps marketers connect with you. Now some of these categories may seem arbitrary but these are just examples of how detailed you can get and remember that all these indicators can be used to help you succeeded!
Another option is excluding audiences that may not align with what you are trying to do. For instance, if you are trying to increase your page likes you may want to filter out those who already like your page.

What are the limits?

There are some limitations that we have to find a way of working around. In Canada, you are unable to target people based on income or zip code (these are options in the United States). Additionally, if you are looking to do a job ad you are unable to use targeting features such as age or gender, this is done to prevent discrimination.
Just because there are limitations doesn’t mean we can’t work around them to make educated guesses to find the best solution to help you reach your preferred customer.

How can we help?

The team at iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA has the experience and has done the research to make sure that we cater to you and your industry for the targeting of Facebook ads and boosted posts. We can make sure that you are effectively utilizing your budget and reaching the people you want to connect most with. Contact us today!