Thirty years of retail success in Penticton brings these creative entrepreneurs full circle into the age of eComm. We soft-launched their e-Comm store with over half a million products while updates continue to file in, and we fine tune their POS to make user experience even better. Currently scoring 100% on Google Lighthouse for SEO, and already selling in the early stages of soft launch, The Grooveyard has the potential to expound in sales beyond local boundaries.

About Grooveyard

“What started as a record store has come full circle since vinyl has made a comeback and is a main staple of today’s sales. The music industry has changed over the years along with the way people acquire their music; however, nothing replaces having a physical copy of your favorite artist or the natural warm sound of a record.

The Grooveyard offers an impressive selection of new and used LPs, CDs, DVDs plus rock and pop culture merchandise. For over 30 years The Grooveyard has been Penticton’s cool and funky record shop. There is something for every lover of Pop Culture and Rock ‘n Roll. We are one of the few independent record stores in the Okanagan and we specialize in hard-to-find items. We have access to over a 1 Million music, movie, and novelty items. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find your next treasure.”

As Canadians continue to embrace online shopping as the new normal, we understand the impact of eCommerce and how business owners can adapt to survive economically.

The Power of eCommerce

eCommerce is the evolution of online shopping, and as brick-and-mortar retailers begin closing around us, it is the ingenuity of business owners [such as The Grooveyard] that motivates change. And, it’s not just Canada seeing growth, this phenomenon is accelerating in other cultural groups and countries including the Asia-Pacific and Latin America [especially Mexico]. Such good news opens our eyes to the potential of online marketing. With the advent of Google Translate services, can you see where your business can go?

Search Engines for eCommerce Stores

One of the great assets to the new Grooveyard site, is their product search engine. Large eComm stores present a problem to customers – finding a product – and search engines solve it. The Grooveyard has over 500 thousand products and more are being added as their eComm store expediates sales, so when you open your online store, don’t forget to add your search engine, otherwise, frustrated customers may default to your competitor.

Shop design, product images and descriptions and solid branding are essential for online success, but as an eComm owner, you also need to think about:

  • POS [we use WooCommerce for WordPress]
  • Product Packaging
  • Shipping and Delivery Costs and Options
  • Taxation for Cross-Border Shipping

If tapping into the power of eCommerce is up next in your business strategy queue, call us to discuss options. Opening your store online can seem daunting, but our team is here to help, and we stay with you every step of the way from the initial concept to post-launch tech support.

The Grooveyard is listed in our InfoTel Business Directory.