Everyone wants a business that rocks on social media and brings lucrative funds into the proverbial piggy bank. PLUS we want to love what we do. Right? Meet the Paper Unicorn and entrepreneur Amy, who has built a very successful business through hard work and love of family, event planning and having fun. Her positive attitude shines through in the content she has created for her new website, pro social accounts and personal blog. You can tap into all this creative media through her new website built by iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA.
Congratulations on the launch of your new website Amy, it was a pleasure working with you to share your positive attitude and event creation talents to the online world. We wish you all the best for the success of your business.

Unique Domain Extensions

Did you notice the URL extension for the Paper Unicorn? They are all about creating fun for any style of event for family, friends, corporations and entrepreneurs in Kamloops BC, so they chose a .fun domain extension, which perfectly matches their professional goals. When you play around in GoDaddy’s search engine trying to find the perfect domain name, you aren’t stuck with .com or .ca. For example, if an entrepreneur wanted to secure a domain name for an e-comm store to sell cat toys, and cats.ca was not available, s/he could choose cat.store, cat.shop, or cat.yoga [my fav].

Social Media for Business. Your Persona is You

The Paper Unicorn excels in creativity and professionalism because the solopreneur behind the business has taken an immense amount of time, talent and interest to engage her target market [probable customer demographic] with high quality imagery to match her personal interests [family, love, and having fun] with her business goals. She has followed her career path naturally, allowing her to share a genuine persona through social media channels and, through hard work has mastered the art of quality digital content.
If you need event coordination, some incredibly awesome balloon installations, help with corporate events, or fun-packed parties for anyone and everyone you love, contact Amy through her website paperunicorn.fun. If you need a new website, copywriting, logo design, social media account creation and management, or online advertising, give iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA a call. We will help you excel in every aspect of online business, allowing you to reach your full potential. So much fun!
Paper Unicorn is listed in our iNFOnews.ca business search directory for Kamloops.