Welcome to InfoTel Multimedia’s first blog! In this series, we focus on websites, internet business development, and any other topic of interest you have regarding e-commerce and online advertising. We invite your feedback, comments, and advice.

One of the biggest trends we see in e-commerce is home-based business start-ups. This is an exciting trend, considering the possibilities to troubleshoot unemployment, career burnout and high start up costs for brick-and-mortar storefronts.  

Let the countdown begin.

10.  Work anywhere; at home or on the beach. Don’t be chained to a traditional office. We have the technology. Be free.

9.   Work anytime. Flexibility. Are you a night owl? Sleep through the morning and start your day on your own personal time schedule. Work through the early hours of the morning or start at the crack of dawn, it’s up to you. Studies show we all have our own individual peak hours of performance. With an online business, you control your schedule, rest when you want to, and rock n’ roll when you feel the creative urge.

8.   Be Your own boss. Did you know that according to bcstats.gov.bc.ca, self employed entrepreneurs without paid help account for 51% of our provincial economy? There’s a reason for this. Many of us prefer to work for ourselves, build a business unique to us, and take pride in the fact that our hard work and ingenuity has our name on it.

7.    $$ Profit from the hyper-trend in online shopping. If you decide to incorporate shopping cart software into your website, you can tap directly into the profits of mobile commerce. All of our websites are built with a responsive theme, meaning they can be read across multiple platforms so you connect with mobile shoppers.

6.    Health reasons. With a home based online business, you work when you feel healthy, but rest when you need to. All you need is an idea, then leave the rest to us. We can set you up for as little as $50.00 per month with no large pre-payments like other web design companies.

See you next week to continue our countdown for reasons to start your own home-based internet business. Don’t be shy. Leave a comment.