Integrated ProAction Corporation (IPAC) chose our bronze four-page website package and added two pages for a six-page website. They also purchased a copywriting package for keyword-rich content to boost their ranking in Google. Integrated ProAction needed an updated responsive site that looked professional. We styled their site in blue and white with a new clean design that organized their extensive copywriting and services list.
How to Organize Website Content
If a component of your business is delivering information to clients, you need to spend some time organizing content. The last thing you want is for readers to become confused or frustrated as they sort through educational material, especially if your site is text-heavy as compared to imagery.

  1. COLOUR. Keeping your colour scheme simple helps deliver a clean look like IPAC’s new site, and is easy on the eyes, making reading pleasant. You will want to match your logo for branding purposes. Having a colour scheme that is too ‘busy’ can be irritating to visitors. Try to stick to one or two main colours with one neutral accent if needed.
  2. NAVIGATION. Easy navigation means your menu is available on each page, and not too complicated. Cluttered navigation causes frustration for users trying to find information, and most likely they will abandon their search. Make your information easy to reach and titled clearly. Navigation is not only important for pleasant user experience but impacts the way you are found by search engines.
  3. INTERNAL LINKING. Organizing web content is not only about the readable front of your site. Develop a logical internal linking strategy, and Google will understand the hierarchy of your site’s structure. Make Google happy, and once again, you will rank high in search listings.
  4. REDUCE CLUTTER. For copywriting, even when your educational goals are extensive, write clear to-the-point content (easier said than done, we know). It’s better to write a call to action like – contact us for more information than to clutter your writing with extensive details that are not necessary and bog down your page.

We would like to thank Integrated ProAction Corporation in Kamloops BC for choosing us to build their new site.  See their listing in our directory, the local search engine that connects business to customers through targeted advertising. This directory listing is free and includes a website link, contact information, and business description.
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