Personable and approachable spells Mitton and Son’s new website designed and launched by Infotel Multimedia. Their mascot is adorable, and is paired with a friendly slogan “You Call, We Haul – With A Smile.” Websites that reflect the personality of entrepreneurs are easily accepted by online readers because they invite engagement on an approachable level. There are four main ways to personalize your website and broaden your online audience – mascots, slogans, unique copywriting and staff images. Staff images don’t have to be single stark-on-white photos. Caricatures (cartoon portraits) and group photos work just as well. In a nutshell, they tell your audience who you are, and instantly acknowledge the experience they will have when they contact you for business.

Websites With Personality

When you work with us, we work hard to personalize your website to reflect not only the nature of your business, but your staff as well. We have an award-winning graphic artist on staff who creates unique mascots and logos for local business owners. Our support staff writes original content, and builds sites for online branding. We are always available after site-launch to support our clients as we continue our involvement in community business.

Read the Mitten and Son Disposal Services listing in our Infotel business directory. If you want more information on our web design process and how we support our clients, read: Our Site Design Process – in 10 easy steps