As we have said many times before Facebook is one of the best and most cost-effective marketing platforms out there but there are aspects of it that can be quite tricky. One of the most challenging aspects of advertising on Facebook is getting the audience right.
When it comes to your advertising dollar you want to make sure you are running optimized and efficient ads. So what if I told you there was a way to identify the people who are most likely to interact with your business and are most similar to your current customers?
There is! A Facebook pixel is the key to helping solve this query.

First things, first… what is a Facebook Pixel?

“Pixel is a few lines of code from Facebook that you copy into the header section of your website. This code allows the pixel to receive information about the actions taken on your site to make your Facebook ads more relevant to your audience.” – Facebook
In plain English, a pixel tracks the people who visit your website, the actions they take, and demographic information.

How does it work?

Facebook pixels are like children watching an ant farm… they are observing and learning your behaviour. Let’s go over a practical example!
You are looking for a new pair of shoes so you check a new online store suggested to you by a friend.  You browse around and find some options you like but don’t make a purchase as you have to run out to do some errands. The pixel is taking notes and saving the information for later.
You return from your errands and pull out your phone to scroll through your Facebook (or Instagram) feed. You may notice that many of the ads you now see incorporated into your feed are for shoes (both from the company and perhaps some of their closest competitors). That is what the Facebook Pixel does!
Facebook pixels give you a roadmap to the people who visit your site and the people who are similar to your clients or customers. You can then take the information provided to you and use it to create highly-focused ads which in turn can lead to higher conversions, heightened brand awareness, and better customer engagement.

What are Facebook Pixels actually tracking?

They are tracking everyone who visits your website but they can also check up to nine other additional ‘events’ or actions.

  • View content
  • Search
  • Add to Cart
  • Add to wishlist
  • Initiate checkout
  • Add payment info
  • Make purchase
  • Lead
  • Complete registration

Whether they are committed customers or just browsing, a Facebook pixel ensures that Facebook is displaying your ads to the people who are the most likely to utilizes your products and services!

So what are you waiting for?

Installing a Facebook pixel onto your website will help you elevate your Facebook marketing game and stretch your advertising dollar. Take out all the guesswork and maximize your brand awareness and conversion with this easy addition.

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