Squirrel! The above video is a free Pixabay download from user Klimkin.
Are you searching for free content for your website or blog? If you have written an extensive business plan, you are ahead of the game already, but if you’re quick-starting and only have an outline or entrepreneurial ‘map’ to go by, you may be short of content. There are several sites that offer videos and images of varying quality and user rights, but unique and relevant copywriting is harder to find. If the written word is what you’re after, have a look at your supplier sites. Often, once you contact them, they may provide you with a media package that includes product descriptions and stock photographs to incorporate into the design of your site. You may also have product brochures and catalogs, full of great copywriting that represents your product line.
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When searching for free content, remember to read the copyright details and credit the artist out of courtesy, even if you read “no attribution required.” Most sites will have examples on attributing sources to make it easy for you. Reach out to the videographer or blogger you want to quote, as most creatives are more than happy to share material with a credit or link back to them.
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