We live in an online world full of ways to connect online and it seems like there is a social media platform for just about everything and everyone. It can be difficult to decipher what to post on each platform, which platforms will work best for your company, and how often you should post.
If you are just starting out and are looking for the easiest way to get in front of a lot of people quickly, social media is a no-brainer. Not only are they simple to use and beginner-friendly but they can help you quickly identify who is digesting your content. Using this information, you can better tailor your content and ensure that you are focusing your time on social media that will work for you. Let’s break it down.


Facebook is the most all-encompassing of the most popular social media platforms. It has high usage numbers across gender and age. Facebook is friendly to most industries and is a good place to reach the widest audience. While some products and services may face restrictions, it is still possible to advertise and build up brand awareness (we may just have to get creative). Most industry experts suggest posting no more than once a day unless you are a news agency (or other comparable industries).


Of all the top platforms, Twitter moves the quickest. Twitter is a great place to reach out to experts in your industry and network with them. Like Facebook, Twitter can work for everyone. This is a fabulous opportunity to great a personality for your brand. Like cat videos, retweet memes, and comment on the trending topics or the day. Just keep in mind how you want to be perceived. The nature of the platform means that you can tweet, retweet, and comment as much as you want with little detriment.


LinkedIn is like the ‘Facebook” of the professional world. This is most valuable for ‘B2B’ content (or business to business). This is a great resource for people to search for jobs or employees and can be incredible for networking with other people in your industry and in your community. The industry standard is a few posts a week up to once a day but that does not mean you can’t engage with content by liking sharing and commenting. Become an authority in your industry and show off your expertise.


Instagram is the most visual platform. While it can be used in all kinds of industries it can be especially helpful for very ‘pretty’ industries. Restaurants, hair studios, spas, landscaping etc. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so if the best way to tell your company’s story is through photos this is the platform for you. One to two posts a day (as long as they are spread out) are the norm for larger brands. Additionally, utilizing stories can be a fabulous way to show off your brand’s behind-the-scene moments.


Do you have a lot to say? YouTube might be best for you! While there are many people who read blogs (Like you… hello!) there are many people who consume information in a much more visual or audible way. Whether you want to share short snip-its or dive deep into longer videos you can build up a library of content to show off what your company does. This content can be easily reshared to your other platforms. From professional video to one-take vlogs – YouTube is accessible to all of those with a camera!


The viral sensation of TikTok cannot be ignored. While many associate the app with dancing, music, and funny videos (it is exactly that) it can also be utilized for businesses. Have some fun and enjoy yourself. You humanize your company and brand. People feel like they know you. Like Twitter, there is no real formula for how much to post on any one day. The content moves so fast – go for it!

We could go on all day about each social media out there. Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, Discord. They all have a place and cover a certain niche which can be utilized professionally. We simply covered a handful of the most popular platforms today.
While social media is incredibly effective for business, not every business has the time or ability to learn the ins and outs. That is where we step in! We can handle it for you, let our team cover all your social media management needs and elevate your online presence today! Learn more today!