Building Trust
If you are a skilled tradesperson working as an entrepreneur, you will benefit from having a website that showcases your talent. Websites reflect professionalism and allow you to attract new customers by legitimizing your business. Finding new leads can be one of the most challenging issues for anyone working in the trades. Your home page introduces you and connects you locally to your community, building trust that encourages communication. When readers discover you are a member of their community and went to trades school at the local college or trained under a well-known senior contractor, you gain their trust. In turn, your contact page, with your phone number, form, and map, open a channel for customers to reach you. Trust and professionalism go hand in hand and encourage business-to-business development. If your intent is to gain work and references from well established general contractors and developers, you need a website.
two contractors lifting drywall board into place
Project Galleries
Galleries provide a clear visual of your work so customers can fall in love with your craftsmanship. If you are taking photos yourself, clear the scene of background debris, and make sure the image is in focus for high quality viewing on a PC. The best possible scenario is hiring a professional photographer so your website gallery looks stellar. Showcase galleries, when presented appropriately, can be very successful in influencing customers to pick up the phone and call you.
Marketing Visibility
Your website is visible online 24/7 making you convenient and available with information on your services. While a well-built site shows up in the top listings of Google or Bing, positive reviews and comments are a vital key to marketing. Building an online presence takes time, but as you generate interest in your business, the obvious profits will follow.
If you work in the trades, we can build you a website. Infotel Multimedia is the Thompson-Okanagan’s leading provider of marketing, advertising and web services. Call us for a friendly, no-obligation chat: 250-260-7776 x106
Examples of contractor websites we have built: Ryder Roofing, Armour Overhead Doors, Streamline Exteriors
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