Videos are the newest trend in website publishing

Video Is Trending for Online Business
We all know how hard it is to keep up to the constant change presented to us by technology, but this new trend in web design can be a lot of fun. Video continues to grow in popularity as applied to social media marketing, email campaign strategies, and new software and plugins to manage it all. Users want content in short, visual snippets. Video is easy to consume, and showcases your product faster and more dynamically than image and written content.
Drone Cinematography Is Hot
In the next few years, there is no doubt that drones will be on a photographer’s necessary equipment list. Drone videography is dominating the new trend toward content video, especially for realtors. Drone footage increases the odds of selling property by offering new visual angles on listed real estate. Potential clients can now view their selected property from a bird’s eye view to see the surrounding geography at a glance.
Popular with both the travel and tourism industries, is the stunning array of drone footage now being produced by everyone from pros to amateurs for marketing, websites and customer reviews.
The Most Significant Social Media Marketing Trend Is Video
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have already embraced video content and continue to make it easier for users to manage uploads. When you keep your social media accounts active and up to date with relative and interesting content, the integration of video and social media creates a dynamic marketing platform for your business.
Where to Get Video Without Breaking the Bank
Coverr, Pixabay and mazwai offer free videos in exchange for exposure and new leads for videographers. Check the copyright terms when you download these free videos, as some sites ask you to attribute the artist. Both of the videos in the post are from Coverr.
Take your own video with a mobile device or DSLR camera in video mode. With just a press of an icon, you can shoot video with your cellphone. These video clips can be sent directly from your phone to social media sites like Instagram and Twitter and easy to download into website content and blogs. By mounting a DSLR camera on a tripod or slider, you can scan a room, the grounds, or view off the deck. This style continues to trend for vacation marketing and tourism.
Stock photo sites are adapting to the new trend toward video by providing clips in growing numbers. Adobe Stock offers HD (1080p) and 4K (2160p) video options pricing around $80, a relatively small cost for the benefits of increased conversion. Have a look around Adobe Stock, or another pro-stock site. You may find a video clip that is perfect for your business.
Video is dynamic, useful content for websites, including restaurants, realtors and retail stores.

Turn Existing Content into Engaging Video
Creating tutorials, or presenting product and service information through video, is becoming more popular and will continue to trend into the next few years. This type of video introduces you to your audience to create trust through authenticity, and is especially useful for realtors and service providers, as you literally are the face of your business. Also, the content becomes more dynamic as you turn typed copy, which your clients may not read, into a video article. Easy to digest for even the laziest content consumer, your video will get attention.
*Tip* If you create the video first, then remember to type out a transcript for SEO. Your visitors may not read this content, but search engine spiders will. Google will crawl the written content for online queries, helping boost your visibility.
We Can Help Your Business Grow
When you have collected your product video and need a website built to launch it all, we can help you with that. If you need some help creating unique content for your social media platform, we can help you with that too. We shoot unique product videos for clients from sweaters to sushi. Give us a call. You will find we are a friendly bunch, and the busy creative team here at InfoTel Multimedia gets pretty excited when presented with a new project to work on.
InfoTel Multimedia is the Thompson-Okanagan’s leading provider of marketing, advertising and online media services. We design and host affordable websites for local businesses.
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