Let’s talk about Facebook!

What started out as a social networking site for students of America’s Ivy League universities in 2004 has now become one of the world’s most valuable companies and the perfect way for you to reach your customers at little to no cost! Regardless if you are a brand new company or have been around for years a Facebook business page can make your business visible to all!

Why should you have a Facebook Business Page?

A complete and professional looking Facebook page can increase customer confidence and humanize your brand all while giving you a direct link to your customers at no cost to you. (That’s right… setting up a page is free!)

The benefits of this is that there are 1.9 Billion (yes BILLION with a ‘B’) active users on Facebook and your business will now be accessible to them. Customers can directly engage with your advertisements, promotions, and get to know you as a brand. They can also message your team with ease and find basic information such as your contact information, hours of operation, and links to other social media or your website, all in Facebook’s familiar and easy-to-navigate format!

Why should you be active on Facebook?

Having a page is not enough and perception is everything in this fast-paced world of ours! With so much information being thrown at us all of the time you need to post interesting and unique content that not only promotes you as a company but keeps customers engaged with you!

As Facebook moves into a more ‘pay-for-play’ setup and focuses on paid advertising sometimes it can feel frustrating if you are not getting immediate results but DO NOT GIVE UP! The ‘slow and steady’ approach will get you followers and can be effective… but only if you are consistent.

Posting three (and up to seven) times a week is considered optimal and except on rare occasions post no more than once a day. We want your customers to see you but not to be inundated with your content, that can cause customers to unfollow you. No one likes spam!

What happens if you are not consistent?

If you do not update and post consistently customers may think some of the following…

  • That your business no longer exists or operates under a different name
  • That you do not care about their support or engagement (especially if they message your page and receive no response)
  • That you no longer use Facebook and will unlike your page
How can we help?

We understand that social media can be a full time job so give us a call! Let our team manage your social media presence for you. By creating professionally-written and meaningful posts for you we can help your business grow!

We can also build a finished and complete Facebook page that you can be proud of. If you have a Facebook page and don’t have time to post, never fear! We can post on your behalf with engaging and industry relevant content. We’ll do the research and development so that you do not have to! We will strategize content for maximum impact and boost posts to ensure that your posts are seen by the people you want to reach!