Custom and eCom websites are becoming the asset of successful business owners. Websites with contact functions (like chat apps and maps) work incredibly well for service-based industry, but if you offer products for sale, it’s time to open your doors with eCommerce. The first step to eCommerce is building a catalogue of your products.
Congratulations to the owners of Blossoming Buds Cannabis Inc. in Kamloops BC. Your new website was just launched to offer reliable education and a catalogue of legal cannabis and edibles to the public. Although their product line is currently offered in-store only, Blossoming Buds Cannabis is ready for the next step of legalized selling, namely having an online eCom store, with product photographs, descriptions, availability and pricing.

Customized Options On Blossoming Buds Cannabis:

  • Website Blocker For Age Appropriate Viewers
  • Instagram Feed
  • Catalogue Feed From their Leafly Menu

If cannabis is your business, developing an online presence can be tricky. Federal and provincial laws around the distribution, sale and advertising of cannabis continue to be adjusted and refined according to community acceptance and eCom testing through government-based stores. Following the example of Blossoming Buds Cannabis’ age-block page is a good start. Advertising guidelines for this new industry are strictly enforced and social media continues to adjust slowly to advertising as positive pressures from education, compassionate rights groups, and communities increase. Be patient. There is a lot you can do with an Instagram feed, such as the one found on Blossoming Buds Cannabis home page, but high-quality images and professionalism is still important.

If you own a legal cannabis store, it’s time for you to go online. Our developers continue to design and build websites on-trend with industry standards. We offer content-driven writing for your catalogues and products, and compliant advertising for provincial and federal law. Our social media team can build your business persona to reflect any unique business model you require, to educate your target market on an adult level.
Read the Blossoming Buds Cannabis listing in our InfoTel directory. You can find a quick link to their Facebook page in this local business listing, and on their website.
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