Do you feel like your business’s online presence is lacking? If so, you’re not alone. Many businesses struggle to make the most of their Google My Business Page (GMBP) and are missing out on a great opportunity to connect with potential customers. In this article, we’ll discuss steps in creating a successful GMBP post, some Do’s and Don’ts, tips on crafting engaging content for GMBP posts, and key takeaways. Let’s get started!
Key Takeaways:
  • Google Business Profile Posts are a great tool for businesses to create an online presence and reach potential customers.
  • When crafting GMBP posts, it is important to focus on content tailored towards those already interested in purchasing from the business.
  • The posts should also showcase services, awards, promotions and glowing reviews.

What are the advantages of using Google Posts for businesses, compared to traditional forms of social media marketing and promotion?

How does creating a Google My Business Page (GMBP) provide businesses with more visibility on Google Search Results, and what specific steps should businesses take in order to craft effective and engaging content for their GMBP posts?

Google Posts are a way for businesses to reach more people online. It is different from traditional social media because it helps show up in Google search results. To make sure people see it, businesses need to first create and complete a Google My Business Page (GMBP). Then, they need to follow steps like making posts that are interesting to the reader. There are some key differences between Social Media Posts and Google Business Profile Posts.

Google Posts stand apart from traditional social media platforms in that the end goal of users is very different. People on social media are typically looking for ways to be entertained or to gain knowledge about new topics, to share what’s going on in their lives, and engage with others. Conversely, individuals visiting a business’s GBP will generally have purchase intents and are seeking to find more information about the business, products, services, or promotions.

Here are 5 Google Post DON’Ts, followed by 5 DOs


  1. Don’t post how-to posts, infographics or tips. That should be avoided as you are teaching prospective customers how to do the service that your business is selling. So, why do they need to hire you? Posting images of a gross nature is also inadvisable. No one like to looking at images of spiders or other creapy creatures. These types of content do not add any value for potential customers and can have a negative effect on your Google My Business Page.
  2. Don’t post Company News. It is generally inadvisable to post company news on your Google Business Profile (GMBP). Your prospective customers are only just getting to know your business, so they are not yet privy to the ins and outs of how it runs. Furthermore, these individuals are likely searching for information about your products or services and are not interested in the internal workings of your business.
  3. Please don’t overdo it with your keywords! Keyword-stuffed posts are a big red flag to customers and actually won’t help you climb the rankings. They generally read spammy, and human readers can sense it. Best not risk ruining your professional image – that’s one move no business should make.
  4. While it’s understandable to want to create a comprehensive blog post, know that time is of the essence when customers are making decisions in their local search results. Making snap judgments based on quick glances at your business will be more beneficial than writing out lengthy posts – so maximize what you can do with less!
  5. When crafting your Google Business Posts, remember that they are not the same as social posts. Adding well wishes may be kind and seem like a warm gesture – but potential customers scrolling through this content won’t even see it! Make sure you’re only sharing things that will engage with those already interested in purchasing from your business. Leave the images of the puppies and kittens on other social platforms.

Crafting the perfect post can make all the difference in getting yourself noticed – it should either provide customers with reasons why they should choose your business over others or directly promote what you have to offer.


  1. Add Special Deals and Promotions: These are exactly what potential customers are looking for. Get 50% off, 100% guaranteed. Use numbers, dollar signs, and percentages in your Posts. Everyone loves a deal. They will be drawn to the 50% off.
GBP Promo
GBP Special Promotion
GBP Special Promotion
GBP Promo
  1. Creating special offers can be an effective way to boost your business profile on Google and reach new customers. Showcase discounted prices, bundle deals or flash promotions through exclusive posts – there’s no better time than now!
GBP Special Offer
GBP Special Offer
  1. Promote your business and services effectively with Google’s profile posts! Showcase what makes you unique to gain more customers – from highlighting specialized offerings, engaging visuals, or even success stories. Create content that will get people interested in learning about your solutions for their needs.
GBP Services
GBP Services
  1. Make your business shine! Strengthen your reputation and increase engagement with potential customers by re-posting the glowing reviews of current clients. With Google Posts, you can highlight those five-star ratings that have been hiding in plain sight on your profile to ensure maximum visibility – success is just a click away!
GBP Review
GBP Review
  1. Showcase your awards in style on Google! Let potential customers know you’re the cream of the crop with a tasteful display of accolades. Don’t forget to flaunt that award-winning status – it can be just what they need to take action and use your business.
GBP Award
GBP Award


What are Google Business Profile Posts?
Google business profile posts (GMBP) are short-form posts that appear directly in a user’s local search results, with the purpose of providing quick information to potential customers and driving more visitors into the marketing funnel.
How do GMBP differ from traditional social media posts?
GBP posts differ from social media posts in that they don’t require users to click through or navigate away from their search results. They provide businesses with an accessible way to share info about themselves or their services quickly, without having to wait for followers on various platforms. Additionally, GMBP can include call-to-action buttons such as “Learn More” which encourage immediate engagement and subsequent conversions.
What steps should be taken when creating a successful GMBP post?
Successful GMBP posts should have engaging content tailored towards potential customers; special offers or promotions that draw attention; awards showcased prominently; and glowing reviews re-posted often. Additionally, businesses should avoid overloading keywords as this won’t help draw more traffic.

Are you struggling to create an effective online presence for your business on Google?

You know that potential customers are scrolling through local search results and making snap judgments, but you don’t have the time or resources to craft engaging content for GMBP posts.

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