If you have spent any significant time online, you are no stranger to a variety of scams or suspicious activity that can be found across the world wide web. Whether it is a clickbait tile driving you to websites designed to collect your information, free downloads riddled with viruses, or mysterious fortunes offered to you from princes across the sea. What many people may not be aware of is that these types of scams can be found on even the most established social media platforms.
If you run or own a Facebook (now called Meta) page you may have seen a major increase in notifications or emails from various pages or accounts claiming to be Facebook, Meta, Instagram, or another ‘governing body’ such as the Fanpage Policy Issue Verification From Meta, Social Network Registry Corporation, or Page Policy Issues. These are scam accounts and do not hold any weight with Meta or any of its subsidiaries.

These notifications typically have a caution sign as their profile photos and will claim that your page is in bad standing. Here are some examples of potential messages:

page policy issues
social network registry corp

These are notifications or emails that you can and should ignore. If you receive any links from these accounts – do not click them. This could open your Facebook account to malicious individuals. Facebook will never contact you through a Facebook page and will contact you directly it there is an issue with your account or page.

finding facebook scams

A good rule of thumb for avoiding potential scams on Facebook are the following:

  • If the notification comes from a page with a ‘clickable’ profile name, it is a scam!
  • If the notification comes from a page with a ‘thumbs up’ button, it is a scam!
  • If the notification comes from a page with a profile picture not an icon, it is a scam!
  • If it looks suspicious, it is! Trust your gut!

Any true email messages from Facebook will look like the following:

true email message 1
true email message 2
true email message 3

Note that anything from Facebook will speak directly to you and will not have a profile photo, a page name, or a like button. Everything we mentioned above!

If you are still unsure if a notification comes from Facebook or another source, the experts at iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA are here to help. Meta (bringing you both Facebook and Instagram apps) can be difficult to contact but our team knows the ins and outs and can prevent your pages and accounts from being infiltrated by those who want to do you harm.

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