Are you starting up a new business or expanding into new products or services? Writing a business plan is the first step. It’s where you can present your idea to the bank or a potential business partner. A well-thought-out business plan is as clear as a road map. There’s another reason for writing a business plan though, because very soon you’ll want to take your new business online! You’ll need a website to reach your customers.

Websites Need Digital Content

You’ve probably written your business plan in a graphic design platform (like Canva for example). Now you can move all those gorgeous images and copywriting onto your website. Your title page will display your logo and slogan and can easily be moved onto a site-wide header on the HOME page. Next, your executive summary and business description provide the copy and introduce your site. Add all your compelling ‘Competitive Advantage’ arguments to this page because it describes what makes your business unique. Throughout the site, be sure to stress the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or what sets you apart from your competition. Especially important, is the information you’ve researched and written about eco-packaging and how your services or products meet local, provincial or federal environmental goals.

An ABOUT page on a website is where more personal information can go. It’s important in any business plan to have a mission and core values, and these work well on a website. The ‘Business Operations’ and ‘Meet the Team’ section of your business plan can be moved onto this page. Team bios with photographs are great because they make your business local and genuine. If you’re involved in community events such as charities or supporting children’s sports, add this from your business plan as well.

The all-important PRODUCTS or SERVICES pages will clearly list what you offer for purchase. Copy and paste this information onto your website page from your business plan. If you are planning to sell online, be sure your product descriptions are transferred your eCommerce page for shoppers.

If you’re just getting started, read: How To Write A Business Plan

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