With keywords, you can find out what people are searching for, then use those keywords in your online content to lead customers to your store. By writing content around these popular keywords, you will rank higher in search engine listings.
The importance of using keyword rich content cannot be underestimated when building your website, writing blogs for marketing purposes, or writing online ads. Keyword Tool is a free online keyword generator you can use when designing content. Be balanced when using keywords. Just the right amount and you will rate high in Google. Too many, and your great copy becomes spam and sounds insincere.
Keywords help customers quickly understand your main topic. Keywords get to the point and immediately tell your customers exactly what you do.
There are two types of keywords, broad keywords and long tail keywords. Broad keywords define your business in a nutshell but may also define your competitors. For example, if you own a bakery, you might use the broad keyword ‘bakery.’ For newbie sites and blogs, long tail keywords are the best option. These short keyword phrases highly define your business, fine-tuning your content into an SEO-friendly work of art. Back to the example of the bakery, you might now use ‘gluten free organic bread’ as your long tail keyword.

Making a Keyword List

First you have to identify who your customers are. Who is your target market? Teenagers who read popular eBooks? Baby Boomers searching for organic health supplements? Think about the words they would type into search engines to find you. Look at some of the top eCommerce sites that are your competitors. Analyze how they are found. Then, start experimenting with Keyword Tool, and keep track of your results. You will have to do some sorting for relevancy, but in the end, you will have your master list to work from.
An added bonus of having a keyword list, is helping you define and focus on the purpose of your business. What do you have to offer? What problem are you solving for your customers? Why are you better able to serve their needs than your competitors?  If you don’t already have a mission statement (you should have), then keywords help you write that succinct statement. And, if you want a little help with keyword rich content, give us a call. We’d love to work with you.
Have a great week. The sunshine is coming back to the valley, so here’s hoping you can get outside and catch a few rays.