Custom websites create a personalized experience for your audience. Customization sets you apart from your competitors and makes you look unique, which means your online persona is honest and professional. You can choose your own set of branding colours, fonts and layout elements for a consistent feel throughout the site, and add an online store for easy shopping. If you already have a website, there are several reasons you may want to rebuild, especially if your current site is out of date or lacks personality. The idea of a pre-configured website may seem easy and enticing, but losing the trust of your audience will contribute heavily to profit loss in the long run. Customers hesitate shopping on boring, amateur-styled sites that fail to present a sense of security, or leaves them thinking a business is not competent enough to deliver reliable services.
As an alternative, consider working with a local web design team with enough experience to build a custom site that gets noticed. Clients who choose to work with us have open communication with our project manager, talented Okanagan developers designing for their specific business, and several free hours of ongoing service for updates and revisions to match your new product lines. You’ll have an SEO strategist working for you, social media integration, and writers creating compelling content your audience will love to read.
For more information, see our WEB DESIGN page and we encourage you to call us for a consultation on your new custom website.