Build Loyalty
New customers are important, but repeat customers build a foundation for entrepreneurs in the form of solid financial statements and profit gain. Customer retention and loyalty are inexorably linked. When you have social media followers, you have time to build a relationship with them by posting relevant information and responding to comments. The lifetime value of repeat customers is worth the effort and time it takes to gain their loyalty.
New Ideas
Keep your social media content interesting by communicating fresh material. If you are running out of ideas, and you see your engagement dwindling, ask your followers to post their images or opinion on your products or services. GoPro is a great example of customer-oriented content that has built a successful business on the originality of their loyal followers.
Your social media followers are more likely to engage with you and share the conversation with their own connections. The more they share, the more your connections increase and a broader target market becomes probable. With the help of followers, your content spreads faster, and in turn, you have the opportunity to gain new connections.
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