Websites for Success

The identity or persona of your business is the personality you reflect out into the world of commerce. Well designed navigation-friendly websites make you look professional, creating confidence in the eyes of potential customers. Listing your business address and contact information, along with posting a Google map, tells your customers you are legit.
Consider the size of your audience and who you can reach with your marketing strategy. Geographically, we’re talking about the globe here. Your site will reach whoever has an internet connection and types your domain address into a search engine. Language is the only barrier to your global audience, which is why we are seeing new blooms in the garden of translation technology. If you want to open your doors to a broader field and new audience, consider designing a dual or multilingual site.

Keep Creative Control

It’s not a good idea to focus solely on Facebook as a fulcrum point for business. Small businesses need to invest in a website in conjunction with a Facebook business page for marketing. Facebook helps you reach your target like an arrow hitting its mark, but trying to control feedback on social media is like trying to ride a wild horse. Is your competition running you down in front of potential customers on Facebook? With a website, you are in control of every word written in your content, blog and all the emails and correspondence you write to your fans. You have creative control, and that fact gives you a solid foundation on which to build your business.
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