You have spent time cultivating the perfect ad for Facebook – you have dialed in your audience, set up the ideal budget, and you have created fabulous brand-specific artwork – now it is time to launch your ad!

Excitement runs through your fingers as you press ‘publish’ and you wait for Facebook’s review before your ad goes live… but Facebook rejects your ad… Now what?
There are a few likely scenarios that you may need to look at:


Is your audience large and versatile enough to run? Is your ad targeting children? Are you trying to promote wine or other beverages to underage users?
Even with the best intentions, sometimes you need to adjust your audience to better match Facebook’s standards, terms, and conditions. Try expanding your audience and get creative! Are you trying to market products for kids? Try marketing to their parents instead!


Perhaps your image or video is too low quality to use, or maybe you are trying to use Facebook logos, or have a model showing too much skin?
When you choose creative for your ad be sure to use high-quality imaging that matches your captions and headline! Stay family-friendly and focus on using images true to your brand!


There are certain topics Facebook aims to protect people from. These can range from housing and employment to social issues and politics.
If you are trying to run an ad discussing any of these topics you will need to go through a secondary authentication process. Due to the political climate over the last few years, Facebook has tried to reduce instances of people getting scammed or receiving misinformation on their platform. It is Facebook’s goal for people to know who is paying for ads covering sensitive topics.
Additionally, there are several topics outright prohibited on Facebook – these include tobacco, drugs – including cannabis, even where legally sold – weapons, cryptocurrency, and multilevel marketing. You will not be able to place your ads on these topics.


If you have gone through all of these and still believe your ad is complying with Facebook’s terms and conditions – appeal it. Facebook will give your ad a second look. Sometimes ads get caught up in Facebook’s algorithm. If Facebook agrees that your ad meets all the requirements, they will approve it.


If after all of this, you are still struggling with Facebook ads and you are about to give up – let us give it a try!
We can help you identify any potential issues and will work with you to create an ad your clients and Facebook will love. Contact our team today and learn more about what we can do to help you start a successful Facebook campaign. Discover our plans here!